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Reg No: OP.218/051/12-0771/8830
Motto:-» We are geared to assisting in the reduction of poverty through the provision of education and educational materials and facilities to the needy and in turn to contribute in the fostering of a peaceful and harmonious society and to aid in developing hidden potentials in all humanity to the best of our ability.

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Mwana Education Foundation aims at promoting access to education for young people from poor backgrounds and hence contributing towards the achievement of providing universal and equitable education for all by assisting the needy; we target needy academic institutions and learners randomly selected (currently operating in Kenya), the selection process is done on a quarterly basis within a year. This process is done using both multistage and simple random sampling in order to foster the provision of equitable education for all as enshrined in the United Nations's (EFA) principles.

The EFA goal pre-supposes that the society,  schools and tertiary institutions create conditions for the co-education of learners who are born and bred from different social, cultural, economic and religious groups.

The needy students that this foundation targets to assist are from different disadvantaged groups, these include learners from slums who will then be assisted in accessing education by providing support to them through the payment of tuition fees, institutions in arid and semi arid areas and other disadvantaged areas.

In so doing the foundation will also work towards ensuring needy education institutions have relevant ICT infrastructure; this will be done by sourcing for and donating computers, books and other ICTs. With the hope of promoting the educational systems humanization, improve the quality of education and reduce dropout rates of pupils from learning institutions.

Good education to learners enables the integration of the specific or different learner groups into the society contributing to the tolerance development and civic consciousness of the whole society. It means that integrative education contributes a lot to overcoming the main present day social dangers: extremism, tribalism, social tense, caused by the social stratification.

Ours is a social partnership between the foundation, individuals, schools, tertiary institutions and society, developing together with the integrative education functioning, strengthens the connection between the educational system and social institutes, including the (job) labor market. As a result the knowledge and skills of the graduates are able to meet the demands of the society.

The integrative education plays a special role in overcoming discrimination of children from poor backgrounds from accessing education. It will allow Kenya to provide education to thousands of slum and poor children who do not study today and will give them an opportunity to improve their families well-being in future and as a result having a direct impact to the society by reducing social ills like crime and also improving the economy.

Through the education of children from disadvantaged backgrounds, Kenya will also be in a better position to improve the living standards and health status also to help learners advance technologically and as a result, be in a better position to come up with inventions and innovations to move the world forward.

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To contribute towards the achievement of providing education to all.
Mission statement:-»
To prove beyond doubt that we can deliver through hard work inter-dependability and faithfulness, trust and honesty, flexibility and appreciation, it is our  desire to show exemplary performance and consistency in all activities.

Mwana Education Foundation
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